Church Leadership

LEADERSHIP 2022- Would you consider serving? Would you consider trying something new?

We are looking for leaders to serve in 2022. Deacons have openings. Stewardship could use another person. Christian Education needs support. We are also looking for a Clerk, who would attend monthly Council meetings on the third Thursday of each month and take minutes.

For more information on these and other leadership opportunities, contact:

Nancy Rhoades – Clerk position or general leadership inquires

Kasey Kathan -Christian Education

Doug Stoehr – Stewardship

Don Rhoades – Deacons

Sue Stoehr – Missions

You can also email the church and we will help you get connected.

Leadership 2021

Settled Pastor: Rev. Erin Reardon
Admin Assistant: Brent Adams
Moderator: Nancy Rhoades
Vice Moderator:
Clerk: Peggy Johnson (Open for 2022)
Treasurer: Bruce MacDonald
Auditor: Bob Cummiskey
Deacons: Don Rhoades, Brent Adams, Freddie Mahlmann, Hans Kessler
Trustees: Scott Bennett, Jake Rivers & Doug Stoehr
Stewardship Team: John Donaldson, Doug Stoehr, Rev. Erin Reardon & Nancy Rhoades
Music Team
: Bob Cummiskey Carey Bennett, Charles Child, Virginia Roth
Missions Team: Sandra Brodeur, Patty Croccolo, Sue Stoehr, Ruthann Haskins, Karen MacDonald. Bill & Becky Robinson, Bev Allen
Christian Education Team: Kasey Kathan, John Donaldson, Sandra Brodeur
Flowers: Judy Phelon, Freddie Mahlmann
Hospitality: Sue Stoehr, Sandra Brodeur
Pastoral Relations: Nancy Rhoades, Susan Cummiskey & Sandra Brodeur