Meditation Group

Wednesday Nights at 7pm

You are invited to join our weekly Wednesday Meditation group on Zoom starting at 7PM and going for about 45 minutes.  We welcome anyone no matter what experience they have or not had with meditation, and it is open to not only our Church community but the larger community as well.

These are very trying times, filled with anxiety, conflict, and fear.  The intention of this group is to “Let Peace begin, right here, with me.”  The session is divided into three parts, the first to simply relax, go inside, and let go of stress and tension.  In the second part we bring in a source of light & healing—it can be an image or feeling of Christ’s presence or any other sense or source one has of feeling loved and cared for.  As we breathe we send this healing light to whatever in us needs unburdening or healing, breathing in the light and letting go of our burdens on the outbreath.  For the last part of the meditation we visualize or sense the pain of others, both loved ones and strangers and send out  light and healing to them.  Finally, we broaden our scope to include the whole world. 

When I thought of starting this group I originally thought of having it just for the church congregation, but then it occurred to me that it would be good to reach beyond that to the wider community and include them.  These troubled time call for reaching out and including as many as possible, as we strive for unity and peace. I want to emphasize once again that you don’t need to feel you are an accomplished meditator to join and benefit from this group.  Many people say things like, “I try to meditate but my mind is just too busy!”  Not a problem.  Accepting the mind’s activity without fighting it is the key to getting past this universal complaint.  Come join us! 

Contact us and we will send you the info to join the group!