Serving and supporting the community with love…

Spring 2022 – Missions is a big part of the Warren United Church. We have a Mission Committee, which focuses on Special Offerings through the United Church of Christ (local, state and national giving) and beyond. The most recent offering sponsored by Missions was for aid for Ukraine. The congregation gave $2400 & the Mission Committee matched that and added $100 so that the church could send $5,000 to Amurtel. Thanks to everyone who donated!

Another Mission Team was born during the pandemic. The congregation voted to set aside additional church funds to respond to the needs during Covid. Local, state, national and global needs for funding have skyrocketed, and it can feel overwhelming because there is such need and so many amazing initiatives and programs to support. The Mission Discretionary Fund Monies went out to non profits and programs that met particular criteria established by the group, who took the responsibility and care of the church’s resources and the joy of serving and giving seriously. The 2022 Team has begun meeting, and there are so many deserving missions to support. Let us pray for these leaders.

Below is a video from 2021. Check it out!

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