‘A Caring Church Community’


What does it mean to be a caring church community?

“Serve the community with love”, is part of the Warren United Church mission statement. We care deeply for our church family and our wider community. During this very difficult time for so many, we know there is great need – emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial, right in our own community and right in our own church. A caring church community responds to needs.

We are fortunate that we have the privilege to care for each other. Some have given and continue to give of themselves with a generosity of spirit and volunteerism. Others have needed to concentrate on providing basic needs for their family. We are all one in Christ. We are all in this together. Our faithful love for each other, no matter what, is what it means to be a caring church community. We are all the church.

In addition to contributing mission funds to organizations near and far that serve people in need, we want to continue to help with the needs of those in our congregation who are having difficulty meeting their basic needs. We have a short survey attached in which we would like you to identify needs that you have or that you see in our community. This year, this is our approach to being good stewards of the grace that God has provided. This is our stewardship campaign. A campaign of responding to the needs of our brothers and sisters. In order to respond, we need to be made aware of the needs.

We ask that those who have the financial ability to pledge to do so with a generosity of spirit. Some may not be able to pledge as they have in the past. Others may be able to increase their commitment. Our focus is on caring. We have the opportunity to respond in faith.

May it be so.

The Warren United Church Stewardship Team, John Donaldson Nancy Rhoades Rev. Erin Reardon & Doug Stoehr